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Why Should I Connect My Bank Account?

Connecting your business bank account via Plaid or Finicity has many benefits when utilizing BlueTape.

When it comes to applying for credit, the easiest way to speed up the process is to connect your bank account online via Plaid or Finicity. Connecting your business bank account will allow the BlueTape underwriting team to verify your company revenue and potentially approve you for a higher credit limit. This is also the fastest route to obtain an approval decision. Here are some of the benefits of connecting your bank account:

  • You’ll enjoy a faster processing time
  • You’ll have a better chance at a higher approval amount
  • Most importantly, you are much less likely to need additional documents or updated statements.

⚠️ Should you decide to not connect your bank through Plaid or Finicity and manually enter your bank details instead, the BlueTape underwriting team will request 12-24 months of bank statements from you. In this case, the decision timeframe could be a few days once BlueTape receives the bank statements and any additional documents required, as this will be a manual review. Additionally, for future approvals, additional statements will be requested on an as-needed basis.

  • Your personal information is secure

BlueTape uses Plaid and Finicity (part of the Mastercard family) to securely connect BlueTape and your bank account. No one, including BlueTape team members, will have access to your banking username and password. Security is at the heart of both the BlueTape, Plaid, and Finicity solutions.


Ready to connect your bank account? Log in to your BlueTape account and follow the instructions below.

If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your designated customer activation specialist at 855-429-1185 or email support@bluetape.com.